Friday, April 17, 2009

News with Carrie Bickmore (bfr3)

A Pastor from the U.S of A was caught stealing over 100,000 dollars for plastic surgery. Doctors say he requested the body of Jesus with the cheekbones of Brad Pitt. A poultry worker in Melbourne is in a stable condition after getting stuck in a machine designed to process chickens. I another but related story, K.F.C now contains 12 secret herbs and spices. The estate of Kirk Cobain has lost 715 million dollars. If Cobain was alive today this bad news might of dampened his irrepressible optimism. 

I apologise for not beng able to put up any interesting posts this week, i couldn't think of anything intneresting. the V8's are in town but I couldn't be bothered posting the results and some other stuff because people only skim to see whether Ford or Holden won and which driver it was. (Go Garth Tander) And i figured lots of other people would be posting about it as well.                                                          

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