Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New blog - Sustainability

I have created a new blog about sustainability, because i had to. you can see it here
if you follow this blog, please go over and start following that blog as well

Friday, April 24, 2009

The list of Don't

  Dont Dress up as a South African rugby fan in Cantebury before an All Blacks - Springboks clash holding a sign saying "McCaw is a Cheat"
Don't Eat yellow snow.
Dont get a job without learning to spell first. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Things I want to do before i turn 16

  1. Put a Marshmellow in the microwave
  2. Put an egg in the microwave
  3. put a marshmellow egg in the microwave
  4. bungee jump off my bed
  5. bungee jump off my bed without a harness
  6. roll down a really steep hill
  7. go outside on a sunny day without a hat
  8. ride a bike without a helmet
  9. run with scissors
  10. talk while eating
  11. swing on a chair
  12. turn 15
Nah not really.

Friday, April 17, 2009

News with Carrie Bickmore (bfr3)

A Pastor from the U.S of A was caught stealing over 100,000 dollars for plastic surgery. Doctors say he requested the body of Jesus with the cheekbones of Brad Pitt. A poultry worker in Melbourne is in a stable condition after getting stuck in a machine designed to process chickens. I another but related story, K.F.C now contains 12 secret herbs and spices. The estate of Kirk Cobain has lost 715 million dollars. If Cobain was alive today this bad news might of dampened his irrepressible optimism. 

I apologise for not beng able to put up any interesting posts this week, i couldn't think of anything intneresting. the V8's are in town but I couldn't be bothered posting the results and some other stuff because people only skim to see whether Ford or Holden won and which driver it was. (Go Garth Tander) And i figured lots of other people would be posting about it as well.                                                          

Monday, April 13, 2009

Traits of a Quality Learner

Here is my "Traits of a Quality Learner" dohicky. Wait its not here. Our group made a poster about the traits of a quality learner and left at it school over the holiday. So i used my cleverness to make a video of a teacher and one of his students talking about what it takes to be a successful quality learner. They talk about the key competencies, 16 habits of mind, etc. It isn't here on the blog, but it is only one click away. (click there)  >>>>here<<<<. I made it with xtranormal, which is something you can find and use by clicking here.

Friday, April 10, 2009

News with Carrie Bickmore (bfr2)

A member of one of Australia's most dangerous biker gangs "sphinx" has been arrested for driving a Bianchi Bernina without a license. He has been charged with one month in prison and one year of traction with the gang when they find out he was driving a Bianchi Bernina. New South Wales M.P From the Liberal Party Barry O'Farrell says the bikie problems could possibly be solved by putting all of them in the same room and letting them destroy each other. The idea is based on how the Liberal Party works. The leader of Principals Australia has said that toddlers in pre-school should be given career counselling. An early childhood programme has said that the most popular career choice was "ice cream" closely followed by "need to go potty". The Obama ministration has stopped using the phrase "war on terror". Other phrases from the Bush era no longer used include "axis of evil", "nation building", and "Mr.President, the television can't hear you". A Qantas and Virgin airplane were struck by lightning on Friday's electrical storm. Jetstar officials have said that they weren't worried about they're planes getting hit, because cardboard isn't a conductor. Scientists are in the process of building the worlds largest laser. They say that it will definitely not be used for evil, said the project leader Professor Destructo. Finally, host of Australian idol James Mathison his quit his role because he craves anonymity. He hopes to find this anonymity by Winning Australian Idol. for the video click here

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Its been a while since my last post, and its almost Easter. So, i used my logic and put on a post about Easter. 
What is Easter? Why do we celebrate Easter? Well, Here's my theory.
They say Jesus was resurrected three days after his crucifixion.  It is celebrated on Easter day or Easter Sunday, which is two days after Good Friday. But why the relation to bunnies and eggs? Well you see, it goes back to Jesus' last supper, as painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. The second image is the regular painting, but the top image,  is the original painting except it has been lighted up using lighting effects on a computer around St.Peter, revealing one devastating fact - He was painted with rabbit ears. Why? because St.Peter was in fact a rabbit. Also, you can see on the table, in front of each person and neatly arranged, some bread. But not just any bread. They were what we call today hot cross buns. And next to each of those hot cross buns is an EGG.  Leonardo Da Vinci was trying to hide the truth from the world, but only because Jesus told him to. Why did Jesus tell him to do this? this I am not exactly sure of. This is also why the tales of Peter Rabbit exist, because the few people who know this have come together to form an organisation, which published all Peter Rabbit related materials. Now to this day we celebrate Easter with Chocolate eggs, and hot cross buns, and the Easter Bunny.

But how do we know that my theory is correct? 
The answer to that is...

It isn't. It is all Utter lies that i made up. The top picture was edited using paint.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

News from Carrie Bickmore

I am just trialing this post and if it succeeds,  I will publish it weekly. Those of you who watch Rove will know who Carrie Bickmore. All it is is news, with a false statement at the end to make it funny.

Internet giants Google were recently forced to sack 200 workers. All the employees were told to find out if they still had a job by going to the website and hitting the "I'm feeling lucky" button. An Australian travel guide has angered some New Zealanders by claiming Auckland is a solar city inhabited by hobbits. Auckland's mayor was about to release a statement before he was attacked by an orc. Madonna is said to be traveling to Malawi to adopt another child. The event will collide the Malawian holiday called "hide your kids from Madonna day". Finally, a Welsh dwarf who got lost walking in the forest was saved by their pet chihuahua. Witnesses say it looked like a normal rescue, but from far away. For the video of Carrie Bickmore presenting the news, click here.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

First Release

yay...I have my first game up for show in public. It isn't very good so please, no negative comments. It contains bleeding/dead circles. Click here to download
Also, I have recieved an email from some random who invited me to his website to look at his art! his  first paragraph states: 

Hi! I'm a contemporary visual artist.I had your email address from google blog while browsing through member's profile.And I thought that you might enjoy art!

he also included a picture of one his pieces, and invited me to his website at