Monday, February 23, 2009

I See Red

This was in 2006... The school production. we had to do a dance to a awesome song called I See Red By Split Enz, an awesome New Zealand Band. I've forgotten half the moves, i only remember the chorus, part of the first verse, and this part where we did the bridge. i probably couldn't do it anymore.

We had to dress up like punks with a Mainly Red, black and white scheme. as you can see i had some face paint and three chains around my neck :)
The Fairfield intermediate production was quite different to the ones i am used to at primary. i dunno how. at primary every class was assorted to a colour, and they had to do a dance to that colour. So everyone had to do it. at fairfield, it was more....realistic. Last year (08) it was about robyn hood (a girl, not a boy this time). One of meh friends got a role as the evil sherrrriifff.

I am currently working on my first FPS (first person shooter) game. it is coming along nicely, but i am having trouble with the textures. the programmes i use to make my games are free, so the quality isn't that good. But, it is still cheaper :)

Fact of the day: Mac Atak is the man!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wales 54 England 53

The Tie Breaker( or at least i think it is)
Take that England! defeated again by the mighty Welsh! on Sunday or what not, Wales beat England (rugby of course) 23-15. both teams scored marvelous tries, but Halfpenny's (Wales) was by far the best. Yet another brilliant counter-attack lead to a devastating score.

England Haven't Beaten Wales since 2005 or 04. thats 4 years at least. Thats what my underground resources have told me anyway.
The English might have had bragging rights after the Sevens, but they don't anymore...
Ireland is doing pretty good as well. They beat France lol O.o

Fact of the day: An Octopus can squeeze through a hole the size of a tennis ball.

Define Courage

Warning: this post contains corny material.

My dictionary defines courage as "the ability to face danger or pain without courage"
Well that pretty much is what courage is isn't it. is.
A lot of people are said to be extremely brave, like heros. The truth is heros are only braver than any norma person for an extra five minutes. By then the danger has passed. But how many people are actually heros? Johnyny Wilkinson? No...Superman? Maybe. How about tank man? there we go.
I better explain

it is the year 1989, in China, and a man is walking home after having buying some grocieries. along the way he says a massive convoy of army tanks rolling down the street. Guess what Tank Man does next?

He marches up to the leading tank and just stands in front of it. the tank trys to steer around him, but he continues to block him.
Eventually some guys pull him out of the way and they carry on with their lives. 
The point is...
Well i don't know the point but he is a hero, he has courage.

The point of this whole post was so i could show you this video, which is why i have filled up so much space to make the post seem interesting, thus people will read it.

Fact of the day: Pound for Pound, a hamburger costs more than a car.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

His Noodly Appendage

Before you read this you must know that in this post i am not trying to offend anyone in any way.

There are a lot of Religions today, and you've probably not heard half of them. That half that you haven't heard, is the "interesting" half if you will. one of those interesting religions is Pastafarianism. 

Every religion has a god - usually an immortal human being. How ever, in this particular religion, they worship the flying spaghetti monster, or FSM for short. Pastafarianists have come up with a graph which links the decrease in pirates to global warming...
And their heaven is filled with beer volcanoes as far as the eye can see, and...well... and a... i'm not sure if i should say this, you can ask me in person or check out the link at the bottom of the page. It is also considered inapropriate to teach people about the FSM unless you are in full pirate attire, so i'm guessing i'm breaking the rules.

According to Pastafarianists, the universe was first created as a mountain, some trees, and a midget, spelt how the FSM sees it, midgit. he did this is one day. he then spent three days creating the rest of the universe, and then had three days rest.

The last thing i want people who read this post to do is to laugh about it. Pastafarianism is to be taken seriously, just like any other religions, because who knows, there could be a FSM up there watching us all...

For more information please visit
even Bob Marley was a pastafarianist...well thats waht mrwoody sed anyway

Hope i didn't offend anyone
sorry if i did

Fact of The Day: Charlie Chaplin Came third in a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Meh Woodmonsta "Tuskiser"

left: a tuskiser swooping out of its tree to make a feast out of an unsuspecting rabbit.
This is a picture of my woodmonsta (the creature in top left flying out of tree)
It is called the Tuskiser

The Tuskiser lives in any rainforest, forest, or land with plenty of trees and small prey. instead of living in trees, it burrows holes into the ground, but it still spends most of its time in the trees.

Physical features
The Tuskiser is a large flying mammal, and has a long and  powerful tail. It has a unusually big round belly, with two small legs poking out the back. The Tuskiser's wings are shaped like clubs, or tree branches, to help out blend in with the trees so that its prey can not see it. this is also why its feathers are prodominantly green. The Tuskiser has a tusk growing out underneath its chin, so it can swoop down and stab or slash its prey. The Tuskiser has sharp teeth to help rip the flesh from its prey. It has poor hearing and smell. The Tuskiser communicates with its comrades by making a loud screeching sound. Tuskisers travel in groups ranging from 5-40 personell, called a phalanx, because they fly in rectangle-like formation.

My name

So i thought i would explain meh name.
The "Winged Hussar" was a Polish-Lithuanian Calavary unit, back in the days of Polands Golden age (16th century i think). Back then they were the best military unit in the world, till the 18th century, when they figured out how to beat them.

Heres an example of just how great they were.
on the 27th of September, 1605 (17th century) the battle of Kircholm was fought between the Polish-lithuanian forces and the Sweedish. The Sweedish had some 10,000 soldiers on the field, whilst the Polish/Lithuanian forces had 1000 foot soldiers, and 2,600 cavalry (mostly Winged Hussars). Even though they were heavily out numbered, they put up the fight of their life. The Sweedish had lost 5,500 troops While the Polish & Lithuanian People only lost 100 dead, and 200 wounded.

Never again will there be such a one sided battle.

and some people who will go un named...