Friday, April 10, 2009

News with Carrie Bickmore (bfr2)

A member of one of Australia's most dangerous biker gangs "sphinx" has been arrested for driving a Bianchi Bernina without a license. He has been charged with one month in prison and one year of traction with the gang when they find out he was driving a Bianchi Bernina. New South Wales M.P From the Liberal Party Barry O'Farrell says the bikie problems could possibly be solved by putting all of them in the same room and letting them destroy each other. The idea is based on how the Liberal Party works. The leader of Principals Australia has said that toddlers in pre-school should be given career counselling. An early childhood programme has said that the most popular career choice was "ice cream" closely followed by "need to go potty". The Obama ministration has stopped using the phrase "war on terror". Other phrases from the Bush era no longer used include "axis of evil", "nation building", and "Mr.President, the television can't hear you". A Qantas and Virgin airplane were struck by lightning on Friday's electrical storm. Jetstar officials have said that they weren't worried about they're planes getting hit, because cardboard isn't a conductor. Scientists are in the process of building the worlds largest laser. They say that it will definitely not be used for evil, said the project leader Professor Destructo. Finally, host of Australian idol James Mathison his quit his role because he craves anonymity. He hopes to find this anonymity by Winning Australian Idol. for the video click here

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  1. That was cool as, and Paul Henry from Breakfast on Channel One got a special mention on PeteSpace for his comments on women with facial hair (not meaning to offend anyone).