Thursday, April 9, 2009


Its been a while since my last post, and its almost Easter. So, i used my logic and put on a post about Easter. 
What is Easter? Why do we celebrate Easter? Well, Here's my theory.
They say Jesus was resurrected three days after his crucifixion.  It is celebrated on Easter day or Easter Sunday, which is two days after Good Friday. But why the relation to bunnies and eggs? Well you see, it goes back to Jesus' last supper, as painted by Leonardo Da Vinci. The second image is the regular painting, but the top image,  is the original painting except it has been lighted up using lighting effects on a computer around St.Peter, revealing one devastating fact - He was painted with rabbit ears. Why? because St.Peter was in fact a rabbit. Also, you can see on the table, in front of each person and neatly arranged, some bread. But not just any bread. They were what we call today hot cross buns. And next to each of those hot cross buns is an EGG.  Leonardo Da Vinci was trying to hide the truth from the world, but only because Jesus told him to. Why did Jesus tell him to do this? this I am not exactly sure of. This is also why the tales of Peter Rabbit exist, because the few people who know this have come together to form an organisation, which published all Peter Rabbit related materials. Now to this day we celebrate Easter with Chocolate eggs, and hot cross buns, and the Easter Bunny.

But how do we know that my theory is correct? 
The answer to that is...

It isn't. It is all Utter lies that i made up. The top picture was edited using paint.

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