Thursday, September 10, 2009

my understanding of the C.G.A , M.oC.A, and A.S.A (New Zealand)

Consumers Guarantee Act

· Consumers are protected by the Consumers Guarantee Act because the are given fair trading except in private sales i.e. auctions, garage sales.

· Goods and services must be sold at a fair price, based on a pricing formula agreed by the provider and consumer before the sale.

· If the good or service is faulty or does not live up to its claimed purpose then the consumer is allowed a full refund or an unfaulty replacement IF the consumer did not know prior to the sale that the good was faulty. This applies even if the provider has a sign saying no refunds.

Ministry of Consumer Affairs

· The Ministry of Consumer Affairs are responsible for the Consumers Guarantee Act and take care of any problems raised related to the Act.

Advertising Standards Authority

· The Advertising Standards Authority makes sure that the commercials and informercials advertising goods or services are appropriate to be displayed in media i.e. television, radio.

· Any complaints about any advertising material are handled by the ASCB, and they check if the advertisement is breaching the ASA’s advertising rules/code. If so, they request that the advertisement be withdrawn from all media.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Student Blogging Challenge

At the moment, the third Student Blogging Challenge is happening, and I am doing this post for one of the activities for the challenge. If you would like to sign up for the student blogging challenge, click here.

I joined the student blogging challenge because i thought of it as a great opportunity to meet other classes using blogging as a learning tool to communicate with each other about their work and thoughts. I also thought of it as a good way to possibly get more views on my blog from around the globe and drown them in my own online world.

I would like to partake in both the Better Bloggers challenge and the Better Commenters challenge ( find out more by visiting the link ), because if I only particapate in one or the other, I will not be getting the full benefit of the Student Blogging Challenge. The more experience, the better.

I hope some of the activities in the Student Blogging Challenge involve interacting with heaps of people in different classes from around the world, comparing and contrasting their learning to my own classes ( ).

At the end of the ten week challenge I hope to have achieved lots of views from around the globe ony my clustr map and feedjit, and have learned a lot about blogging and tips to make my blog or maybe even our classes blog better.