Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hamilton did something

28th March 2009 - Balloons over Waikato Night glow and some small airshow at the airport. Also got a 4 minute video of the fireworks display. if anyone puts on youtube i will claim 3rd party matched content. Usually Hamilton is a boring city. The night glow is the only big thing we will get this year except for the All Blacks vs Springboks match and the V8's.
FeedJit: my feedjit has reported me getting visitors from places such as the Netherlands, Holland, Canada, Estonia and Belgium coming on my blog, but it isn't showing up on my clustrmap. ???????????? =/                                                

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cargo Catastrophe

at about 2 PM today, A FedEx cargo plan crashed due to heavy winds at  Tokyo's International Airport, Japan. It almost instantly burst into flames. the two men manning the cockpit were taken to hospital, then a local T.V station confirmed them both dead.  The flight of the MD-11 came from Guangzhou,  China, and footage of it crashing was shown on local television.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St.Patrick's Day

I just realised today was St.Patricks day. St.Patrick's is the Irish national day, where they celebrate one of the patron saints, Parick. It is a good excuse to get drunk as well.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cymru Am Byth!

Guess who won the 2009 IRB Sevens Rugby World Cup?
It was pretty epic. i mean, to return back from camp and the first thing i find out is Wales won the sevens world cup. They even Beat us, New Zealand! :(:
Heres a table of their games
Day One
Wales vs Zimbabwe
Day Two
Wales vs Uruguay
Wales vs Argentina
Day Three
Quarter Final
Wales vs New Zealand
Semi Final
Wales vs Samoa
Wales vs Argentina
Also Scotland beat Australia 21-17 to win the plate final, and Zimbabwe beat Ireland 17-14 to win the bowl final. Some other big upsets were Argentina Beating South Africa 14-12.  The welsh team didn't have any of their famous union sidestep wizards like Shane Williams or Mark Jones either. England had previous sevens bragging rights but lost 36-21 to Samoa in the knockout stage. Dunno what happened to Fiji.
p.s Cymru Am Byth is Welsh for "Long Live Wales" so yes they can speak their own language.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Favourite Rugby Player(s)

Conrad Smith Link
Gavin Henson Link
Top: Gavin Henson totally destroying Matthew Tait.
Bottom : Conrad Smith running up the ball.

If Mystery man can have a post about his favourite rugby player, then i can as well. In fact,  have two.
Gavin Henson
Gavin Henson is the starting Second-Five (no.12) For Wales. He is probably most recognised for his epic performance in the 2005 Six Nations against England, in which he anialated Matthew Tait twice, and kicked the winning Penalty goal from the sideline 40 metres out. (Wales won 11-9 securing a grand slam season). He played as the fullback (no. 15) for arguably the best Welsh provincial side, Neath-Swansea. Neath-Swansea Then changed their name to Osprey's, where he plays along side other well recognised Welsh rugby players like Shane Williams and James Hook. He has just come out of Injury to play against France, where Wales, sadly, lost.
Conrad Smith
Conrad Smith is now the first choice Centre for the All Blacks, since Tana Umaga has left us. He has a great eye for space, and is one of the All Blacks key playmakers. He is the reason our wingers have scored the amount of tries they have. He Bareley ever misses a tackle, and all he lacks is a bit of pace. He plays for the Super team "Hurricanes" and plays provincial rugby for wellington. He has accomplished a rare feat, capping 38 games with 55 points for the All Blacks, as well as capping 38 games and 55 points for Wellington.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He Who Paints

The Artist I have chosen is Georges Seurat

(photo link)( 1859 - 1891 France)because he had a very unique style of painting. This is one of his most famous masterpieces, "sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte. it took him 2 years to complete, and i can see why. it is on a massive canvas, somehwere near 80 by 100 inches, and  he painted it using pointillism. that is, when you paint the whole thing with dots. he didn't mix colours( except for the majorly big parts like the grass), but he painted two primary colours next to each other e.g to get a green shade, he would paint blue dots right next to yellow dots, to get a greenish effect. that is why the canvas is so big, so that if you look at it from most distances you will be able to see this effect. I know that painting something entirley out of dots will be quite a challenge, but i like challenges, except for when i lose. I won't use a large canvas, perhaps i will use a small one to get my work done on time

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Don't buy games, i make them

Well actually i do buy games but as some people in our class might already know, i make them as well. The quality isn't very good but it isn't a piece of cake, or pie. to prove this i have dispalyed the ai (artificial intelligence) script. I was going to include a vid but i need to compress the size, so i will edit this post tomoro and the vid will be there ;)

ar nearest_enemy, nearest_cover, nearest_bullet, safe_x, safe_y, sped, dir, bb;

if instance_exists(argument0) && instance_exists(argument1) {

if speed>argument5 speed=argument5
if collision_line(x,y,nearest_enemy.x,nearest_enemy.y,argument1,1,1)

if !collision_line(x,y,nearest_enemy.x,nearest_enemy.y,argument1,1,1) && distance_to_object(nearest_cover)>10

if mode=1{
if argument7=1
if collision_line(x,y,nearest_enemy.x,nearest_enemy.y,argument1,1,1){
if point_distance(nearest_enemy.x,nearest_enemy.y,shootx,shooty)>90
or (x!=sx && y!=sy)
if distance_to_object(nearest_cover)>10


if distance_to_object(nearest_bullet) <>
if !collision_line(x,y,nearest_bullet.x,nearest_bullet.y,argument1,1,1)
if can_shoot<1
{if x=sx && y=sy{
if !collision_line(x,y,nearest_enemy.x,nearest_enemy.y,argument1,1,1)

if mode=0{
if !collision_line(x,y,nearest_enemy.x,nearest_enemy.y,argument1,1,1)
if distance_to_object(nearest_enemy)<100{
if can_shoot<1
{if !collision_line(x,y,nearest_enemy.x,nearest_enemy.y,argument1,1,1){{
if argument7=1
else{if argument7=1

the language is fairly easy but its complicated to put it all together with working objects in some srtrange way. it sounds a bit geeky but its fun until i get bored, then i lay off for a month, then i resume creating games.

Quote of today: Teehee -The sherrrrrifff

Sri Lankan Massacre


8 Sri Lankan cricket players were shot and wounded as they got off their bus in Lahore, ( not 2 sure which country.) One of them has taken a hit in the chest and is now in a critical condition.6 Policemen officers have been confirmed dead. The terrorists who shot them were armed with AK47's, grenades and smg's.

Monday, March 2, 2009

I have a secret

I Like Pie

Sometimes they have really great deals.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm coming to get you

 i wish my cat could do this... I'd be able to mkae the perfect horrror movie.