Saturday, April 4, 2009

News from Carrie Bickmore

I am just trialing this post and if it succeeds,  I will publish it weekly. Those of you who watch Rove will know who Carrie Bickmore. All it is is news, with a false statement at the end to make it funny.

Internet giants Google were recently forced to sack 200 workers. All the employees were told to find out if they still had a job by going to the website and hitting the "I'm feeling lucky" button. An Australian travel guide has angered some New Zealanders by claiming Auckland is a solar city inhabited by hobbits. Auckland's mayor was about to release a statement before he was attacked by an orc. Madonna is said to be traveling to Malawi to adopt another child. The event will collide the Malawian holiday called "hide your kids from Madonna day". Finally, a Welsh dwarf who got lost walking in the forest was saved by their pet chihuahua. Witnesses say it looked like a normal rescue, but from far away. For the video of Carrie Bickmore presenting the news, click here.

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