Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New blog and some presents (for you)

Sorry its been a while, i got up to a few things in the holidays and couldn't really get around to blogging, so, here I am. a lot has happened over the time since my last post, but fortunately you won't have to sit through all that. Firstly, return to Matainui.
As you may have seen on my sustainability blog you will have heard about the Matainui island. Well now we are going back on a 2 week field trip, and you can follow my story of the adventure on my new blog. The island has never been touched by human civilisation, and is most likely inhabited by thought to be extinct birds!
I also have a little gift for you all, lucky you. Just a few games i quickly put together in my leisure time, but you will have to download them. Don't worry, no viruses, there not to big, and they are (should be) entertaining. you will find the links below. Remember they are all my own creations and that should probably explain any poor quality you experience.

Game 1 - 2d Air hockey
instructions: Use the mouse to move your air hockey thing ( I am not certain what it is called ) to hit the puck. There is no real aim, score as many goals as you can.

Game 2 - Click the angry face
instructions: Click on the yellow angry face as many times as you can. But the more times you click on him, the faster Mr. yellow angry face darts around the room.

Game 3 - Invisamaze
instructions: Guide your cool electric blue marble through an impossibly hard invisible maze using the arrow keys. I finished the game once. Probably only because I designed all the levels, but I bet none of you can beat it!

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