Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ridiculous predictions from the past

There have been many predictions of the future, from the past. Almost all of these predictions were wrong, or we are at least still waiting for them to happen. A lot of these predictions were made by top scientists and engineers, world leaders and and the heads of powerful organisations. Lets take a look at these predictions, shall we?

-Arthur C. Clarke, a British inventor, wrote in Vogue magazine in 1966 saying that all houses would fly by the year 2001.
-What about in the movie Back to the future: part II, which featured hoverboards and flying cars in the year 2015? thats only 6 years from now, so for this prediction to become a reality, The first commercial flying cars and hoverboards would most likely have to already be in the market.
-Here is a prediction that sort of came to reality, The answer machine. In 1964 someone predicted an invention called The answer machine. It was thought that the user would type in a question or topic on a typewriter keyboard, and a screen on the wall would in front of the user would display the answer or videos and photos of the topic. Today, many people use something that has a much similar purpose, and real results. We know it as google.
-Another ridiculous prediction. "By the turn of this century, we will live in a paperless society" Roger Smith, chairman of General Motors, 1986

So the next time you make a prediction, you may want to consider the possibility of keeping it to yourself to avoid embarrassment

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