Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Decade Later

We have been given an assignment to write a post about where we think we will be ten years from now. Right now at my preteen age I am thinking that ten years from now I want to be earning/earned a degree/masters in game developement. I know it sounds a bit nerdy but it is something that requires plenty of talent and something that has me interested at my current age. It is something that i am interrested in at the moment, and something I think I am better at than most people my age that i know of. The university I might go to (the one i quickly googled) is Oxford university. If for some reason i can't or don't want to leave New Zealand, I will go to media design school. As I get older and i decide not to do anything along these lines, I might be working for a Bachelor of Architecture at Victoria University, Wellington. Of course this is what i am thinking of now, and it is a long way away so my mind could change several times. But one thing I would always want to accomplish is be the proud owner of a Bugatti, whether it be an EB110 or a Veyron.

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  1. You did not make that video or you would not have used hypercam to post it on youtube because you would already have a copy made by yourself on windows media player with out the icon in the corner LOL. =( No offence but that is plagiarism if you did do it! Hopefully it was yours though