Thursday, July 2, 2009

School subjects demands.

In school i would like to learn some interesting topics that the school board/pta or whatever won't let us do because they are strict. The first subject I would really like to learn in school is Greek mythology. My friend Mysteryman studied Greek mythology and lots of other ancient societies back when he was in England. The topic just simply fascinates me, how The gods of Olympus would be overthrown by there own children. The Greek civilisation was one of the first modern societies in the world, and they introduced democracy way back.

Another subject I would want to learn is computer programming languages. I am already fluent with GML ( game maker language, which is only compatible with Game Maker) which is an improvised version of C++ , one of the most commonly used languages among computer languages.

The third subject in this list of school subjects not taught in New Zealand schools (not my one anyway) is astrology. When I was 9 I got a telescope for Christmas, and I remember one night when i was looking out through it and saw a little dot which we call Venus. I would like to have a knowledge of this kind of information because i personally think it is really cool.

Some other topics which i would like to further learn about in the undetailed list below
  • All the wars, not just ww1 and ww2, like the polish-russian war of 1919-1921.
  • Ancient civilisations, not just the greeks i.e Vikings, Normans, Aztecs, Mayans

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  1. These are great topics to investigate... Will you do so anyway without my help?