Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Student Blogging Challenge

At the moment, the third Student Blogging Challenge is happening, and I am doing this post for one of the activities for the challenge. If you would like to sign up for the student blogging challenge, click here.

I joined the student blogging challenge because i thought of it as a great opportunity to meet other classes using blogging as a learning tool to communicate with each other about their work and thoughts. I also thought of it as a good way to possibly get more views on my blog from around the globe and drown them in my own online world.

I would like to partake in both the Better Bloggers challenge and the Better Commenters challenge ( find out more by visiting the link ), because if I only particapate in one or the other, I will not be getting the full benefit of the Student Blogging Challenge. The more experience, the better.

I hope some of the activities in the Student Blogging Challenge involve interacting with heaps of people in different classes from around the world, comparing and contrasting their learning to my own classes ( http://woodmonstas.blogspot.com ).

At the end of the ten week challenge I hope to have achieved lots of views from around the globe ony my clustr map and feedjit, and have learned a lot about blogging and tips to make my blog or maybe even our classes blog better.


  1. I'm impressed. You embedded a link in the post and that is not a task for the faint hearted. Great looking blog, nice layout, gorgeous header, and plenty of information. I'll stop back from time to time as I'm adding your blog to my Reader.

  2. G'day BFR,

    Just leaving a comment, so you get a dot on Tasmania, Australia.

    Have you been checking on the student blogging challenges on my classblog each week? Just click on my name or avatar and it will take you there. Find the challenges onthe page above the avatar.

    http://wyatt67.edublogs.org Miss W.