Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He Who Paints

The Artist I have chosen is Georges Seurat

(photo link)( 1859 - 1891 France)because he had a very unique style of painting. This is one of his most famous masterpieces, "sunday afternoon on the island of La Grande Jatte. it took him 2 years to complete, and i can see why. it is on a massive canvas, somehwere near 80 by 100 inches, and  he painted it using pointillism. that is, when you paint the whole thing with dots. he didn't mix colours( except for the majorly big parts like the grass), but he painted two primary colours next to each other e.g to get a green shade, he would paint blue dots right next to yellow dots, to get a greenish effect. that is why the canvas is so big, so that if you look at it from most distances you will be able to see this effect. I know that painting something entirley out of dots will be quite a challenge, but i like challenges, except for when i lose. I won't use a large canvas, perhaps i will use a small one to get my work done on time


  1. Good research and yes it is a very famous picture. I never knew that he didn't mix colours and by the way what did you post on green grass's blog cause she blocked it