Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hamilton did something

28th March 2009 - Balloons over Waikato Night glow and some small airshow at the airport. Also got a 4 minute video of the fireworks display. if anyone puts on youtube i will claim 3rd party matched content. Usually Hamilton is a boring city. The night glow is the only big thing we will get this year except for the All Blacks vs Springboks match and the V8's.
FeedJit: my feedjit has reported me getting visitors from places such as the Netherlands, Holland, Canada, Estonia and Belgium coming on my blog, but it isn't showing up on my clustrmap. ???????????? =/                                                


  1. Marvellous - I would disagree that Hamilton is boring, but your opinion is your own :-)
    I love the photos - did you take them?
    Maybe you could work on a more reader friendly format for next time.
    You seem very knowledgeable so I invite you to take a tutorial for the class on how to embed video in your blog and explain what you mean by "third party content".
    ONce again, well done on interesting blogging :-)

  2. Wicked show of lighting. Did you go to the night glow? We have the V8s coming soon thats someting to look forward to.