Monday, February 23, 2009

I See Red

This was in 2006... The school production. we had to do a dance to a awesome song called I See Red By Split Enz, an awesome New Zealand Band. I've forgotten half the moves, i only remember the chorus, part of the first verse, and this part where we did the bridge. i probably couldn't do it anymore.

We had to dress up like punks with a Mainly Red, black and white scheme. as you can see i had some face paint and three chains around my neck :)
The Fairfield intermediate production was quite different to the ones i am used to at primary. i dunno how. at primary every class was assorted to a colour, and they had to do a dance to that colour. So everyone had to do it. at fairfield, it was more....realistic. Last year (08) it was about robyn hood (a girl, not a boy this time). One of meh friends got a role as the evil sherrrriifff.

I am currently working on my first FPS (first person shooter) game. it is coming along nicely, but i am having trouble with the textures. the programmes i use to make my games are free, so the quality isn't that good. But, it is still cheaper :)

Fact of the day: Mac Atak is the man!


  1. Can i make a point plz MACATTAK is not the man I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kind regards