Monday, February 16, 2009

Define Courage

Warning: this post contains corny material.

My dictionary defines courage as "the ability to face danger or pain without courage"
Well that pretty much is what courage is isn't it. is.
A lot of people are said to be extremely brave, like heros. The truth is heros are only braver than any norma person for an extra five minutes. By then the danger has passed. But how many people are actually heros? Johnyny Wilkinson? No...Superman? Maybe. How about tank man? there we go.
I better explain

it is the year 1989, in China, and a man is walking home after having buying some grocieries. along the way he says a massive convoy of army tanks rolling down the street. Guess what Tank Man does next?

He marches up to the leading tank and just stands in front of it. the tank trys to steer around him, but he continues to block him.
Eventually some guys pull him out of the way and they carry on with their lives. 
The point is...
Well i don't know the point but he is a hero, he has courage.

The point of this whole post was so i could show you this video, which is why i have filled up so much space to make the post seem interesting, thus people will read it.

Fact of the day: Pound for Pound, a hamburger costs more than a car.

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