Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fort Hood Shooting

Fort Hood, situated in Texas, U.S.A, is the largest U.S army base. And on Friday the 6th of November ( a Thursday in America )39 year old Major Nidal Malik Hasan Shot and killed 13 people, and wounding at least 30. He was an army psychiatrist who talked to soldiers returning from war who had post-traumas and had been serving since he left high-school.
He walked into a room full of people and opened fire on everyone with 2 pistols. Every day, he heard stories about the war and how horrible it was, according to his cousins and other people who knew him. Nidal Malik Hasan thought the killings of Muslims overseas was wrong.
Further possible deaths were avoided when some soldiers shut the doors to an auditorium in which a graduation ceremony with 600 attendance was happening. He sustained multiple shot wounds but is still alive and in custody. Above all the tragedy you have to say that anyone who can wound at least 43 people by their self is a pretty impressive, especially escaping the dilemma with his life, for now anyway. Some people would call him a terrorist, but "Whoever stands by a just cause cannot possibly be called a terrorist" - Yasser Arafat
After all, he was attacking the people because he thought ( and I agree ) that the war and killing of Muslims was wrong, but his actions were a bit over the top and he took his angerout on innocent people.

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  1. Cool, not the guy, the article I mean.
    I had heard about the shooting but this is the first place I heard the facts!